Autograms: Images of city streets at dusk or after dark shot with long exposure times and intentionally blurred through movement of the camera with the shutter open. I shot them while driving my car – hence the term “Autogram.”

These are free-form exposures with little intent of capturing anything specific, but simply the effect created from the combination of movement and light. You will notice familiar things like stop lights and interstate signs, but some of the light trails look less like automobile lights or business signs and more like ropes of gold and colored signature loops, among other things.

Thanks to Amy and Mike, proprietors of the Flying Monkey Pub, 819 Jefferson, in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood, for hosting my first public showing of these pieces back in 2010. If you can, why don’t you stop in. They’re easy friends.

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(All images above are available for purchase framed or matted and ready for your own frame. Aspect ratios vary, so please call for details, 216/533-2203.)

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