Kristine Jackson & Ruairi Hurley

Cleveland blues and rock songstress Kristine Jackson is joined by Ruairi Hurley at Tremont’s famed Treehouse bar during what became an impromptu local all-star session one Sunday night back in 2007.

The camera was set on a bar stool.

I was tending bar that night and playing around with my Canon AE-1 film camera in the bar’s low light environment. Having at least a half-dozen of Northeast Ohio’s finest rock musicians and performers there made it all the more fun.

– TMulloy

1 thought on “Kristine Jackson & Ruairi Hurley

  1. Its too bad you could not get a photo of the girl who flashed her Boobs at you me and Kristine that one night at the Treehouse a few years back. I remember this night when Kristine played with Ruairi he was great job playing the Blues.

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